“If we don't start attracting students in junior high and high school we're going to lose the battle in the college.” Dale Klein, NRC Chairman

Investing in the Future of Nuclear

MKMF's Mission is to expand the pipeline of students entering the engineering field to support the nuclear industry's growing workforce requirements. We build alliances with professional organizations, educational institutions, and industry leaders to support the development of programs to educate young students about nuclear energy and promote nuclear industry careers. To meet our industry's future workforce needs, we must expand the talent pool and recruit students who may not have otherwise considered a career path in nuclear-related sciences.

Your support towards meeting this goal, whether in the form of financial donations, internship opportunities within your organization, or providing connections with educational institutions for summer camps, can make a difference!


MKMF is a fund under the Renaissance Charitable Foundation, Inc. Renaissance Charitable Foundation Inc. is a §501(c)(3) public benefit charity that operates exclusively to conduct, support, encourage, and assist religious, charitable, educational, and other programs and projects. Persons who make irrevocable donations to Renaissance Charitable Foundation Inc. may claim a federal income tax charitable deduction for a gift to a publicly-supported charity described in §§509(a)(1) and 170(b)(1)(A) of the Internal Revenue Code. Renaissance Charitable Foundation Inc.'s Tax ID Number is 35-2129262.